Friday, April 22, 2011

The diagnosis

Nothing physically has changed since my last blog. My vision is the same. Since my last post, I have been to the rheumatologist and had more blood work drawn. My first diagnosis is Raynauds. My great grandmother was also diagnosed with this. This is a circulatory disease that affects the circulation to the fingers, toes and nose. No fatal complications just be aware of cold temperatures and protect my fingers and toes; you are at higher risk of getting frost bite. The second diagnosis is connective tissue disease. This is the biggy and this is what is affecting my eye. My CRP (inflammation rate in your body) was significantly high at 4.5. My rheumatologist wants me to go on an immunosupressant drug, but I am quite leary of going on any immunosupressant medication. There are tons of horrible side effects including cancer. I am going to try a more holistic/naturopathic approach while I am healthy, young and not having any debilitating effects from this disease.
There has been some cases where a patient has had a flare up goes into remission and never has another symptom ever again. This is my prayer.


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Audrey Grace said...

Amy, thinking of you and will be praying. I was recently tested for all of those same autoimmune disorders. Very scary. And, as you know, I also had a detached retina, so I understand what not being able to see feels like. Again, scary.