Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I'm horrible...

I am horrible at updating my blog. My life is either really boring and I have nothing to write about or my life is so full and hectic I have no time. I will let you pick which one.
One week down and only one to go until John gets home. I have been attempting to stay busy with house projects and preparing for school. Speaking of school, I am going to start a new blog (since I am so good at keeping up with this one). I am planning on writing about my nursing school expirience. From what I have been told it is emotionally very challenging. I thought writing about the stresses and emotional tolls would be very therapeutic.
Now on to Benjamin. Oh, he is a handful. His humor saves his hinny most of the time. No, he really is a good boy, most of the time. But as John says, "he has a little stink in him." I put him to sleep around 8:30 last night and went to check on him at 9:30. I quietly crept into his room making my way to his crib, I see eyes at eye level with me, then I hear, "Hi Mom." Standing in his bed is little Ben. He is like a vampire, he'd much rather sleep all day and stay up all night. So the second time I put him down for the night, I asked (mistakingly asked, instead of telling) "you ready for bed?" Ben's response, "NO WAY MOMMY!" No way is so much funnier when he says it to John.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there...I will be home before you know it. Love you!

jessica said...

He is too funny! I agree with Ben, it's much more fun to stay up all night and sleep all day:)