Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Wow, its been awhile. Reasons: Computers down, wedding, ten year reunion planning, time, didn't want to.

John's brother Matt got married two weekends ago at John's parents farm...outside. It poured. I felt so sorry for Destani. But Destani and Matt were troopers and made the best of the rainy day. Shortly after the ceremony Destani changed into her rain boots and jeans and Matt changed into his boots and Coors t-shirt. Unfortunately for me, I missed most of the fun due to throwing out my back. I did make it to the ceremony and the rehearsal. Ben was the ring bearer and I just couldn't miss it. During rehearsal he did fabulous! He walked straight to John (he was the best man). The day of the wedding, not so much. He refused to walk down the aisle. I tried hobbling next to him halfway then let go of his hand. Success! He began walking to John, then stopped and decided he was going to eat his treat I had gave him right in the middle of the aisle. Much to my low grumbles, pointing, polite smile, then serious face. He would not move his little pudgy feet. So I have to go back out there grab his hand and pull him out of the aisle. Lucky for me my parents were there to rush over and get him so I could enjoy the wedding. Overall the wedding was a success, despite the rain.

So, my back. On the way to the farm for the rehearsal I turned around to give Ben his cup and POW! gasp, sharp pain in my back, I think that possibly I have another kidney stone...no. As the night progresses the worse it gets. I wake up Saturday morning and can't move, literally. I feel so sorry for people with chronic back pain. WIth the help of muscle relaxers and Aleve, I made it until Monday, until I could see the miracle worker Dr Hays. I always thought chiropractor were kind of a joke, but I am a BELIEVER now.

I found out the my exception letter was accepted by the nursing program at TCC and I will find out mid October if I am accepted in the spring program.

Now on to Benny Boy. He has a new "thing", his hat. (Pronounced "At") His likes to wear it around, likes John and I to wear it and today attempted for Dayton to wear his "at". He talks none stop. No one really gets it until they are around him. He chatters at all times. He repeats everything I say, even my tone. (not always so funny). Some funny things he has said: When he saw his scrambled eggs for breakfast, "HI eggs!" Dayton was in the way, "Esuse me". I sneeze, "Bess you". We say our prayers, "aMEN". During bath time, "Pe-is". When he wakes up from a nap, "mama, mama...MAMA, MAMA, MOM!" No response from Mommy, "daddy, daddy, DADDY, DA!" He is quite the character.

Everything is going well and I hope everyone else is doing well too!


amy said...

amy, your little boy sounds adorable! i bet that stage is so fun. i can't imagine you waddling down the aisle trying to get him to walk down and be the ring bearer in the wedding especially in the rain! i'm glad your back is better. :)

Lita said...

Glad your back is better. Chiropractors can be miracle workers. And as for Ben. Well, what can I say. Just thinking about him makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Ben is so-o-o cute!! :)