Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Many "No's" I Say Everyday

No Ben, stay still so Mommy can change your diaper (about 6 times a day).
No, do not throw food.
No not sit on Dayton.
No, do not run your truck into Dayton.
No, do not take the lid off your cup.
No, sit on your bottom.
No Ben, you only flush the potty if you use the potty.
No, we do not eat rocks, dirt or grass.
No, do not play in Dayton's water.
NO! DO NOT eat Dayton's food.
Yes, those are Dayton's eyes, but we do not poke them.
No, we do not put toys in the potty.
No, we do not put our hands in the potty either.
No, we do not take my cup off the table and pour it on the ground and play in it.
No. Stop picking your nose.
No, do not pinch.
No, get out of the refrigerator.
No, stop opening the oven.
No, do not take the remote and run, pushing buttons Mommy does not know how to reverse.
No, get off the hearth.
No, you do not have to pull the food out of your mouth to take a drink, just finish chewing then take a drink.
No, we do not stand on the kitchen chairs.
NO! DO NOT stand on the table. (This is new as of today)
Yes, Mommy loves you.


amy said...

he sounds like he is at an... experimental age! lol

Anonymous said...

Isn't it fun! I love when the books say to be positive. At this age it is hard. I do like how you tell him what he can do when possible. (Sit on your bottom, etc.)