Tuesday, November 18, 2008

9 Months Old

Wow, nine months old, what a big boy! Benjamin is now 21.6 pounds (75%) and 28 inches long (over 50%). I sit in awe when I think of the little scrawny guy who was barely on the growth chart (under 15%) to this little rolly polly boy he is now. My favorite part of being Benjamin's mom is the way he looks at me, pure love, it really melts my heart.
Likes: Sitting on laps, being outside, jumper, food (all, except green beans), walks, Dayton, Mommy and Daddy, all people who will give him attention (as long as Mommy is in clear sight), baths, talking, Mommy's singing and funny songs, playing on the floor, rolling, crawling backwards, pulling up on anything that he can reach, playing in your crib, and turing on and off light switches.
Dislikes: Being ignored (how dare you walk in and out of a room without making a big tada of seeing him!), being put in his car seat (likes car rides, just the initial strap down makes him cry), green beans, big toys that he can't hold, and not doing things on his terms (he should really right a handbook).

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Shelly Collins said...

Amy, we're just doing week 1 tomorrow! (so don't stay up all night doing week 2!). Looking forward to seeing you.