Monday, October 29, 2007

Exhausting Weekend

John's parents came down Saturday to help John and I move furniture around. We finally got doors up on our master bedroom. We decided to use the doors I found in the attic, which were origianl to the house and it was a great decision. The look really good! We now have a nursey. It looks enormous! All we have in there is Benjamin's crib and a Norman Rockwell painting of baseball game of course. The house seems so much more functional now. Just a few additional things we did this weekend, cleaned out two closets, cleaned all the carpet in the house, changed shower heads, CLEANED, painted, hung cabinet doors, moved furniture, laundered all the bedding in the house, and stared at Benjamin's crib coming to the realization that in 18 short weeks there will lay a little perfect baby boy. I am not for sure if my father in law will ever come in town for a visit again, I really put him to work! It was really nice to have them here, what would have taken John and I days to accomplish took only 5 hours. I am starting my next "to-do" list, so watch out Mom and Dad!
School is going well. I am becoming more and more abscentminded which is frustrating. I am glad I am taking next semester off. Choir, although very challening, is really coming together. Our first performance is November the 18th for Thanksgiving, and our next is for Christmas December 16--mark your calendars, both are during the AM service.
My camera is broken so, no new pictures. I am getting rounder by the day and am really enjoying the pregnancy now. No morning sickness...YEAH!

I hope everyone is doing well, I am off to Anatomy!


jessica said...

So exciting! I can't wait to see it. Do you think you can send John's parents to our house for some fall cleaning? That was great of them to help. They must be getting excited about little Benjamin's arrival too.

We will definantly come to your programs. We really enjoyed that last year. I think we are coming Wed. night too. I need to get in touch with you about the details.

Lita said...

So what's the theme and colors of the nursery? I want pictures!

court + jen said...

how nice of your in-laws. where do mr. and mrs. lemasters live now?