Thursday, July 26, 2007

First Doctors Appointment

John and I had our first doctors appointment on Wednesday morning. Before leaving the house John had the priveledge of holding my hair back as I vomitted. We usually do not get up at the same time, so this was his first to see it in person. Did I mention he was brushing his teeth while I was leaning over the toilet? When we went back to the exam room they asked tons of questions and I shot a few back to them. Then came the pelvic exam. As much as I tried to prepare John for this, there really isn't enough preparation in the world to watch certain "tools" enter your wife. I looked healthy and everything looked great. So next was the ultrasound. I was not prepared for a transvaginal ultrasound, but apparently abdominal ultrasounds create too much electronic waves for such a tiny baby. When we first saw the baby and it's tiny heart beating was the most surreal moment in my life. It was so quiet in the room, I could feel tears fill my eyes, then I hear John say, "there really is something in there." Which was strange, it was the same thing I was thinking! We could see the babies little arm and leg buds, its head, and little body.
When we left doctor John immediatley started calling people, pacing back and forth, and holding on to the ultrasound pictures like they were the baby. He is going to be a wonderful father. Seeing John as a proud father-to-be has made my love for him grow even stronger.
I had my fianls for summer school on Wednesday too. I think I did well in the class and am so glad it is over. I am enrolled for school in the fall. I changed some of my classes around due to finances. I am taking Anatomy, Chemistry, and Nutrition. I will apply for the nursing program at Rogers State next fall. I am two classes shy of having every prerequisites filled for their nursing program. I am torn if I want to try and a least take one class next spring. 9 months pregnant, newborn, and microbiology or physiology, I do not know...that might be too much.

I almost forgot, The Due Date is........February 29th, a leap year baby!


jessica said...

So exciting! Is that earlier than you thought it was going to be? Having babies is so much fun!

Lita said...

As I emphasized to you....March 1 is a much better date. I, too, was a leap year baby (won't mention the year) and missed the 29th by 4 hours. Hey, read Terry Rush's blog from July 16. There's a link to his blog from mine. Also be sure to read the comments.