Thursday, August 31, 2006

This and that...

Here is an update on the LeMasters.

Last weekend John and I went to John's parents house at the lake. John's mom got Dayton a new life jacket. We had been leaving him in the bathroom of the cabin when we went out on the boat, which I hated. So this time he got to go on the boat with us. He LOVED it! He strutted around like a little stud. He jumped off the boat when we anchored and swam around and went back and forth from the boat to the shore. When I was on the boogie board with cord attatched he would pull me into shore. It was pretty cool, it was so natural for him. I was telling his vet about him pulling me in and she was really impressed! I am such a proud mama.

John and I have found an awesome church. We have gone the last three Sundays. We had lunch with the minister and his family the Sunday before last and I must say what a cool guy. He is only 28 and what a speaker. The church is average in size(200). The kicker...Jerome Williams is the praise leader. The music is awesome. Oh, the name is Sandusky Christian Church. John and I have both been looking forward to church every Sunday. It is really exciting to find such a great church home. I can't wait to join the choir, oh yes Jerome is the leader of that too.

Family has been on my mind a lot, a lot, a lot this week. I haven't come to any answers regarding my family issues, the easiest thing for me to do, is be like my dad and be an ostridge. It was pointed out that I am the only one without any "real" brothers or sister and to be quite honest, it was heart breaking. It still is heart breaking.

This weekend John and I are going to the Jewel concert in Norman on Friday then the OU game on Saturday.

Hope everything is going well for everyone!!!


Jennifer said...

Quit repeating that comment about brothers and sisters in your head. You know this to not be true. It use to drive me crazy when we would all be shuttled out to the other parent's house and you would brag about being an "only child" You have the best sister ever, and I know I am REAL;)

Life jacket for Dayton? That is the craziest thing I have heard of. Nice of mom in law to get it for him!

Enjoy the comment and keep the robbers out of our house!

Shelly Collins said...

I have to agree with Jenny, you are loved more than you know so quit that crazy negative nonsense!
OK, i am really curious about this new church you love. Blake and I have been in the search for a long time...maybe we can come visit with you? We have to take Wilder to his parents church next Sunday then maybe after that? I'll be callin you!

love Shelly